Muir's Landscaping Inc Salem,NH

Serving the Greater New Hampshire and Massachusetts area since early 2000


Salem, NH lawn maintenance MA Lawn Mowing
Salem, NH lawn maintenance MA Lawn Mowing
Salem, NH lawn maintenance MA Lawn Mowing

Mowing - When it comes to mowing your lawn we use the most efficient mowers in the market today. All of our mowers are equipped with a Striping Kit to give it that "Fenway Park" look. Our machines are one of a kind to us and are taken care of. We change blades weekly to make sure your getting nothing but a clean cut. We also are careful on our customers lawns to make sure there are definitely no "turn marks" or any kind of marking from the mower on their lawn. We offer Weekly and Bi-Weekly mowing services which is accompanied by string trimming. We clean up by blowing away all grass clippings from walkways and driveways as well as patios and pool areas

Fertilization - Need your lawn nice and green for the summer? Sure we can do that. We provide you with the best of lawn care products. This can be done in a 5-6 step program. We also provide dethatching and aeration services to maximize the fertilization programs.

Fall/Spring Clean Ups - We provide spring and fall clean ups. We will clean up your property free from leaves and debris. This includes hauling the debris away or leaving it on site.

NH MA Lawn Maintenance Mowing, Fertilization, Fall/Spring Clean Ups

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